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Standard Household Single Oven -

only £49

Standard Household Double Oven -

only £59

Large Household Double Oven -

only £119

​Hob Clean - + £19

Extractor Clean - + £19

Commercial Prices on Application

Understandably ovens can be one of the toughest places to clean. Hours can be spent scrubbing away hard tough grime and dirt left in ovens. Using domestic cleaning products to do this can be extremely hard work and time consuming. Dirt can be left in those hard to reach places.  At MuzClean we use only non-toxic cleaning products to clean ovens to bring it back to its former glory. Leaving the oven gleaming ready for use. We don’t just do ovens we can bring the rest of your cooking appliances up to the same high standard using similar techniques such as microwaves, extractor hoods and hobs.

Professional Oven Cleaning